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REC stocks new and used Trash Compactors for sale. 2 yard to 4 yard Stationary Compactors, Self Contained Compactors and Vertical Compactors. Commonly known as recycling, trash, or garbage compactors. Custom designs or modifications possible. Call or contact us for full list. See our Compactor Layout Pictures under our System Gallery Tab.Pre-Crusher Compactor. A pre-crusher compactor is used for very large items that are too big to be disposed of in one of the other compactor types listed. These items might include drums, wooden pallets and crates, furniture and manufacturing debris. Businesses that require pre-crusher compactors include manufacturing facilities and industrial.

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Stationary Compactors are ideal for. General Dry Office Trash Cardboard Paper Pre-crushers are powerful compactors that are designed to reduce large, bulky items such as barrels, crates, pallets and other large items that are difficult to compact.Pre-crushers work much like typical stationary compactors. They have a detachable receiver.Stationary compactors are bolted or welded on site to compact waste stream materials into a portable container or trailer that is hauled to the landfill when filled. SP Industries stationary commercial compactors are built tough with better materials to accommodate the toughest application requirements, and provide long service life of 10 to 20.

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Stationary Compactors. Single Cylinder - no follower, no moving cylinder, and 1 3 the amount of hydraulic hoses. . Pre-Crusher Compactors. Pre-crusher compactors are used to demolish waste products before being compacted into a container. . Transfer Compactors.Bulk Pre Crusher Compactors) are available in five standard sizes. In addition there are a large variety of options to choose from which includes hoppers, chutes, walk-on or drive on ramps, guard rails, advanced automation, multi-cycle timers and many other items that are designed to.

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Pre-Crusher Compactors. Sometimes the garbage we need to crush in our trash compactors is too large for your average garbage compactor or commercial waste compactor. This is when a solid Pre-Crusher comes in handy. Any large, bulky material – such as crates, boxes and pallets – is best sent through one of our industrial Pre-Crushers.Stationary Compactors. Stationary Compactors are designed to meet the needs of every type of facility where waste or recyclables are generated. The compactor itself is separate from the compaction container. The container is removed and hauled to the landfill where it is emptied, while the compactor.

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Because of our long-standing relationships manufacturers and resellers, we maintain a robust inventory of a variety of compactors and balers including front-load compactors, apartment compactors, stationary compactors, self-contained compactors as well as vertical and horizontal balers and pre-crushers. Choosing the right compactor and or baler.Our 2 yard stationary compactor is one of our best sellers. Perfect for general waste from a variety of different businesses. It is designed to compact waste into a 40-yard container quietly and efficiently. A strong 5 horsepower electric motor, no limit switches and computer control makes for one of the most reliable stationary compactors on.

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Waste Recycling Equipment Rental Plans Stationary Compactors Compactor Management Company’s stationary compactors rentals are designed for a diverse group of industrial and commercial trash compactors.Our customer-friendly stationary equipment meets the highest standards and is built to promote longevity and maximize payloads.The stationary auger compactor is the optimum in technology for compacting bulky thick cardboard and large volumes. The large filling opening and efficient pre-crushing system guarantees fast, trouble–free processing. Fitted with a state-of-the-art pre-crusher system, the stationary auger is specifically designed for compacting cardboard.

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Pre-Crusher Compactor. Pre-Crushers are powerful compactors that minimize destroy large bulky items that are difficult to compact such as furniture, white goods, pallets, etc. Pre-Crusher reduces waste volume by densely compressing debris before entering the container. These compactors are available in various sizes and can be retro-fitted to.Pre-Crushers are designed to efficiently reduce the trash volume before it is compacted into a trash container. They are ideally suited for crushing drums, pallets, furniture, or white goods, or for destroying merchandise to prevent scavenging or reuse.

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Heavy Duty Pre-Crusher for EPS. Many of our screw compactors are fitted with a pre-crusher for a specific task. In some cases, however, an exceptionally powerful pre-crusher is required. We recommend a RUNI Heavy Duty Pre-crusher, either fitted directly to the compactor or as a self-contained unit For Particularly Dense, Massive or Tough Materials.These industrial compactors come in self-contained, stationary, pre-crusher, office compactor, etc. Our compactors can often be used with our balers, waste conveyors, and air separator and sorting systems. We can sell, rent or lease equipment that will meet your specific needs, and we offer used and reconditioned compactors, too.

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PRE-CRUSHER COMPACTOR MODELS. Marathon Pre-Crusher AST-Auger320 Pre-Cursher This compactor is an extra heavy duty stationary compactor with a large steel bulkhead that crushes material prior to being put into the compaction container. Typically used for large bulky items, this unit is built to dramatically reduce size and densify material.The Stationary Compactor is your best compactor value. Built for reliable performance in commercial and medium industrial situations, it effectively reduces solid waste material to a fraction of its original size. It is attractively priced and features less than a minute cycle time and powerful compaction force. A Pre-Crusher eliminates.

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Stationary Compactors Designed to deliver reliable performance in commercial and industrial applications, these Stationary Compactors are highly efficient and built to last. Whether you need to reduce collection pickups, manage hard-to-compact refuse, or find a solution for a limited footprint, Metro Compactor has the.The AST-440 Stationary Auger Compactor is a heavy-duty machine specifically designed for compacting large volumes of waste material. As a Stationary Compactor, the machine is best suited for dry waste such as paper, cardboard, wooden pallets, etc. This Twin 28” Auger is a high-volume compactor with a throughput of up to 6 cubic yards per minute.

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Jun 13, 2019 CRAM-A-LOT Pre-Crusher compactors for large, difficult to compact trash. Pre-Crushers are designed to efficiently reduce trash volume before it is compacted into a trash container. They work well to crush drums, break-up pallets, furniture or destroy merchandise that otherwise might make its way back into commerce.As low as $1015 mo. Get a Quote. Compactors. National inventory of new and certified pre-owned compactors. Our quality rentals include all maintenance and repair, along with exceptional customer service. Self-Contained Compactors. As low as $348 mo. Get a Quote. Stationary Compactors.

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Pre-Crushers are designed to efficiently reduce the trash volume before it is compacted into a trash container. They are ideally suited for crushing drums, pallets, furniture, or white goods, or for destroying merchandise to prevent scavenging or reuse. We offer the most complete Pre-Crusher compactor range in the industry, from 3 cubic yards.Pre-Crusher. Our pre-crushing compactors are made for compacting large bulky items. Material is placed in the charge box and then crushed up against a heavy duty reinforced steel bulkhead before entering the compaction container. This 6 cubic yard unit is.